Profile -> Swipe -> Match-> Meet-> Naaaah -> Repeat

With Magnett™ you break out of this vicious circle and break the ice in your social interactions just the way it must be broken. You first see them, you feel the attraction, and you connect with them. Or just appreciate them. And you do that by never divulging a single byte of your personal information.

Whether you are a guy or a gal, straight or gay, you would never be judged by the world for following your heart. When you see someone and feel attracted to them, just pick up your phone, find them on the radar screen of Magnett™, and voila.

You will never have to worry about being spotted by a colleague or a family member on an app, trying to establish a connection. A human connection as we call it.

Sounds magical? Isn’t it? Well, that’s how Magnett™ is rewriting the laws of attraction. Read on to know more.


The Magnett Magic

In a bar

Has it ever occurred to you when you walked into a room or a bar and you saw some one staring at you in awe. You stared back and walked away. Little ‘love at first awe’ kind of story where only eyes did the talking. Magnett™ can give these eyes words and both of you a fair chance, so that this story has a happier ending.

In a public place

Do you remember standing in the que at the bank and your eyes stuck on a pretty girl in the next que. she looked at you, and you looked at her. You both wondered if the other person is single. You didn’t speak and she didn’t speak. She probably expected you to make the move. And you probably weren’t sure if she is going to respond the way you expected. No body made a move. Now Magnett™ will, for both of you. So that next time you are seen in the same que, dealing with your joint account perhaps.

At your workplace

You have seen ‘that cute guy’ for almost a month now in the cafeteria of the office. And he has seen you ‘see’ him. We know the fear of failure is holding you both back. Let ‘Magnett™’ be your wingman. Today. Now.

At a house party

You walked into your friend’s house party. You found some one very attractive. You want to walk up to them and tell them so. Stigma, hesitation, low confidence didn’t let you. By the time you finished your fourth drink and gathered the confidence, you turned around to walk up to them in the balcony, you saw them leaving in a cab. You waved at them. That’s all you could do. Too little too late. Magnett™ could have done it better for you.

On a beach holiday

A group of friends plan a trip to an exotic beach holiday with the intent of bumping into a similar group of people from opposite sex for some serious partying and fun. Three days went by, in the pursuit. There could have been not one but five such group of people in the proximity, but alas! There wasn’t Magnett™.


Let’s say you are from the LGBT community, and happen to find someone attractive in a public place but you do not feel if you are making the right move. You just don’t want to end up embarrassed or even harassed, specially in societies where diverse sexual orientation is still considered a taboo. Magnett™ can give you that clarity, confidence and the power to make a move without any threat to your privacy or identity!


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The Human Connections app

There are somethings about this app, which make it more effective and safe than any other such app..

Get Real

  • No fake profiles
  • No spams and scams
  • No photoshopped images
  • No surprises
  • No unreal stuff


Things move only if you both want them to move.

No unwanted requests or messages.


Instant Connection

No waiting, no deciding the place, no confusion about what to wear. Your date served to your instantly

Privacy is prime

Your privacy is protected. Minimum information & otp based signup.



Super Magnett

Unlock numerous special privileges and features with our tailor made unique premium programme to help you make the most of Magnett™.



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1,199 For 6 month


1,499 For 1 year


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